Zex - Fight For Yourself (Cassette)

Zex - Fight For Yourself (Cassette)

Zex (members of Iron Dogs, Bastardator, Germ Attack, and more) from Ottawa, Canada play classic street punk with influence from early british Heavy Metal & rock ‘n’ roll. With chanty female vocals and pogo riffs in the vein of Vice Squad, X-Ray Spex, The Runaways & Suzi Quatro. Highly recomended for those into Old school street Heavy rock and Punk from early 80’s!
This is a tape issue with cool production, limited to 100 copies in white shell tape.

1.Fight For Yourself
2.Wild Blood
3.We’re Rebels
4.Screaming At The Wall
7.World Of Trash
8.Break Free
9.On Our Own
10.Savage City