Warhawk - Dambuster (12' LP)

Warhawk - Dambuster (12' LP)


One of the best metal punk / punk / metal / whatever you wanna call it, its' rock n roll, albums of 2023!

We got more in stock from our friends in Cimex Records (Charlie from Anti Cimex in Sweden)

"Dambuster is probably one of the most badass and greatest rock and roll performances put on album this year, and I am glad that I got to hear it right before the end of 2023. I always said that so many excellent bands are coming from Sweden, and Warhawk is no exception, especially not after releasing a banger of an album such as this. Fans of oldschool heavy metal, especially the kind with a lot of devilish rock and roll, will definitely pick up this album and blast it at full volume, because that is how the lads of Warhawk would demand of all you maniacs out there. " - Metalbite.com

1. Bomb Raid
2. Cut Me Loose
3. Skullet R 'N' R Machine
4. Please Don't Go
5. Claws Out
6. Dambuster
7. Hounds Of Hell
8. Dance With Death
9. Dags Att Dra
10. Hawks Of War